Strut – Nigeria 70 is Back!

We are really excited about this! The first Nigeria 70 was by far one of the most important albums of 70’s Nigerian music to come out on vinyl. Originally released by Strut in 2001 it brought a new sound to a generation of DJs.

This definitive reissue features the original LP remastered (at The Carvery) and pressed on 180g triple vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. The package comes with the full 2CD edition of the album and a copy of the Nigeria 70 audio documentary, unavailable since the original CD issue (also as download as soon as the package is shipped).

Narrated by Wunmi with commentary by the late Nigerian academic “Elder” Steve Rhodes, this one-hour piece is an essential snapshot of the 1970s Lagos scene and the cultural and political context from many of the key players of the time. It includes interviews with Ginger Baker, Fela Kuti, Ebenezer Obey, Segun Bucknor, Joni Haastrup of Monomono and many more.


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